Things to Know at the Airport

Things to Know at the Airport

Things to Know at the Airport

Things to Know at the Airport

You have prepared a perfect holiday plan, you have planned from where you will stay at your destination to what activities you will do. Or you need to travel immediately for an urgent business. Regardless, if you don't do the necessary procedures at the airport, your journey may turn into a nightmare for you.


But have no fear, you can learn everything you need to pay attention to from this article:


1. How many hours before the flight should I be at the airport?

According to the rules set by the International Aviation Organization (ICAO), the passenger must have completed all his transactions one hour before departure for domestic flights and two hours before departure for international flights.


2. What Should I Do First When I Arrive at the Airport?

Check-in online before you arrive at the airport will save you time. When you enter the airport, you can go to the box office of the company you will fly to, buy your ticket and deliver your belongings without wasting time to check-in. If you have not done your check-in online, you can check-in with your identity card, passport or ID from the counter of the company you will fly to.

The weight of the suitcase you will take with you may vary from company to company, domestically and internationally. Therefore, make sure to check how much weight is allowed on the website of the company you bought the ticket from, and weigh your suitcase at home. Excess weight is charged per kilo and the amounts you have to pay may be excessive.

It would be better for you to pack the liquids you take with you in your suitcase because you can only carry up to one liter of liquid in your hand luggage. These liquids can be taken with you in containers of maximum 100 milliliters.


3. How to Check-in on Connecting Flights?

If your flight has a connecting flight, do not forget to inform the box office. If you do not specify, if the officer does not notice, you may be asked to check-in again at the airport you arrive at. Thanks to your connecting flight registration, your luggage will be automatically transferred to your next flight. While waiting for your next flight, you can spend time at the airport, and if your flight is abroad, you can buy gifts for your loved ones from Freeshop.


4. What should be considered when shopping from Freeshop?

The products you buy from Freeshop are covered with a special tape and it is very important that you do not remove this tape until the end of the flight. Because an opened package will be treated as an outside product, and if you bought a liquid exceeding 100 milliliters, security will confiscate this product.


5. Spending Time at Airports

At airports; Security checks are made twice, at the entrance and at the boarding gate. Pay attention to the clothes you wear, remembering to remove all belts, buckles and metal items. When you have many people waiting behind you, it can be difficult for you to take out and return many of your belongings.

If you want to smoke while waiting for your flight, most airports have sections reserved just for that. Be careful not to smoke outside, especially in the toilets. Airports have very sensitive heat devices for security reasons and smoking indoors can cause serious problems.

If you have a limited budget, it may be good to have a snack before arriving at the airport because the prices in cafes and restaurants inside are quite high.


6. How do I get to the airport?

The most important part of your journey will be to arrive at the airport on time. The fact that your shuttle does not arrive on time, extra waiting times due to wrong planning, and going to the airport in uncomfortable and unsafe conditions, even if the service comes on top of all these problems, will cause your journey to start with stress.

You don't need to worry.

As Asistanbul Transfer, our priority is for you to have a pleasant journey without worrying about any of these. By constantly communicating with the airports, we ensure that you catch your flight on time, regardless of the city you are going to. You can be sure that you will have a pleasant journey with our friendly staff and our vehicles that we regularly maintain for your comfort and safety.

As the Asistanbul Transfer family, we wish you a good trip in advance!

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